Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what is heaven like?

I have been working super hard with these investigators that we have here we have a boat load of Investigators here, maybe too much!! haha! Not! But we have now 89 investigators which makes up 39 families!!!! There are not enough hours in the day to teach everyone!! We are teaching alot!!! But very few of our planned baptisms will be walking in the water. In fact, only 1 will be going down! We wanted to have a party in the font but that aint gonna happen, so we have changed the dates around so we can focus and really prepare them for this covenant with God. We will have 1 this week of Alejandra Idarraga! She’s freaking hilarious. She’s a 14 year old young lady. She always makes fun of me but she’s awesome!! Then 9 of July we will have 3 more and then we will have another 3 on the 16 of July and 7 more for the 23 of July!!! So we are still working it but more visits to the font but in smaller numbers!! Waiting on peoples marriage papers people to get divorced and then married so there’s some obstacles and barriers we are breaking!!

This week I believe was the most trying week of the mission so far, but the most enjoyable. I am getting to understand what I’m doing and I love being District leader!! I had a lot of baptismal interviews I had to do this week!! I will update you more in a little while about these experiences!! But we have a boat load of people we are teaching and we are doing our best to bring the spirit in the lessons but its definitely been a challenge in the companionship!! My comp is a fun kid, but that’s it, he’s a kid. He has ADHD, so he plays with everything. I teach repentance with playdough here its a fun lesson. I have a wooden heart and I tell the people to make different shapes with it like hey make a square with this wooden heart, and of course they cant! Then I give them the playdough and tell them to make different shapes. I ask them why they can change the shape of the playdough and not the heart. They tell me because the playdough is moldable and the heart not. Is our heart like the wooden heart or a heart like playdough? Then I form the playdough into a heart, then say, what happens with a broken heart and break the playdough heart what if our heart is like the wooden heart? We can’t mend the broken fibers of the wood, but with the healing hands of God he can mend our hearts. If we repent and have a broken heart to do His will he can form us into what we need to be, but if we are like the wood, we will be nothing! It’s a fun lesson. So I always carry little toys like these with me to teach, but in the middle of the lessons my comp will steal my bag and starts playing with the toys! AHH!! I will be in a testimony and he’s playing with playdough. He is learning rubix cube stuff so always plays with that and makes bird calls! He’s fun in the street but in the lessons, AHH!! Its an experience. The investigators call me PAPA HAMMER because I treat him like my child cause that’s what he is haha!!! But the Lord is teaching me parenthood in the mission I will be a great Father with these skills I am learning haha!! I call him my little child!!

This week we had a great time healing a family with the priesthood!!! The whole family had the flu, so we went and healed them. They all got healed and I got sick. I must have forgotten to bless my health also in the blessing haha!! But it wasn’t too bad. I had a head ache and clogged nose and soar throat. The past 2 days I couldn’t speak, I could only whisper! I still can’t talk! haha!! It makes the lessons very interesting!! I sound like an old man when I try to speak normal so I try not to speak loud! haha! But yesterday we had a lesson on repentance. It was a nicely planned lovely lesson. After about 10 minutes into the lesson, everyone was trying to hold in the laughter, ok a teen talking like an old geaser preaching the haling hands of God dont mix so I was like all right we can laugh now so we all busted up laughing at my voice!! It cracks and all its terrible!! But it’s pretty funny so I had to change the topic and save repentance for another day when I got a voice, my comp was tired to he said he wasn’t going to teach! It was hard this week with home. He’s in the counting process for the house!! I want to train!!!!!!

But this week I had baptismal interviews. It was interesting with my voice!! One of the sisters asked, Elder Are you speaking Spanish normal because I don’t understand you!! haha!! So I ended up showing here the questions and it was like an interview with the deaf and I had to write some of the questions out for her haha!! But the interviews I had some awesome experiences in the interviews!! It’s amazing how I became friends with these people instantly!! and the people tell me everything about there lives, there really is a mantle over the 4 missionaries and the interviews turn out to be a very spiritual experience! At the end of one interview I bore my testimony to one of the people and she ended up crying! It was so spiritual in the interview!! The people come in nervous and in the end freed and with a new friend and a spiritual experience. One of the ladies invited me to her baptism bbq. I told her we will see what we can do. She told me she would make me a hamburger!! haha! sweet lady!!

I try to ask good inspired questions in the lessons. This week I got the impression to ask some one what they thought heaven was like. The person told me what they thought it would be like and what we will be doing. Then I told them would you like to experience heaven on Earth! He didn’t believe it was possible. I told him we feel the presence of God through the Holy Ghost. We feel the Holy Ghost when we learn of him and keep his Commandments we are living the Laws of Heaven when we live the commandments then we had an awesome lesson about the Laws of Heaven. Yes there are laws in Heaven. That’s why we have commandments on Earth to prepare us to live the Laws of Heaven. We have these Laws through the Scriptures and living Prophets. So I started to ask this question more in contacting and teaching!! I love the responses of the people in these questions!! Our goal is to return to live with God and live in Heaven why don’t we start living in Heaven now. We can make Heaven on Earth we have the tools to do it!! So that’ s our purpose of Missionaries to bring parts of Heaven to Earth, To let the people experience heaven!! It was a good week for me. I slept at night knowing I am doing the Lords Work and freakin tired!!!

Saturday I was sick so I was going to bed a bit earlier at 10. As soon as I said my prayers and all just as soon as I got under the covers that’s when it started!! Our apartment complex decided to throw a Fathers day party starting at 10 at night and it last until 4 in the morning!! I couldn’t sleep so my comp and I had a dance party in the apartment. He wouldn’t teach me salsa or Marange or Cubie or the latin dances so I watched all of the drunks from the window and I imitated them and he made fun of me!! it was fun but I finally fell asleep at like 2:30 in the morning with music still playing and woke up at 6 to get ready and go to church! I am freakin tired but the Lord blesses me in the Work!! Yesterday I was dead tired with no voice but it was a good day, worked hard and all is well! But have to go now!! We are going to an amusement park today. It’s like a 6 flags!! I am stoked!! I will take some pics Love ya all
Se Cuida
Elder Hammer

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