Thursday, May 26, 2011

We baptized Jessica Dornhopher

This weekend we had the baptisms of Angie and Diana Moralez! Angie looks just like Jessica Dornhopher if only she was 12 haha!! I tell her all the time you look just like one of my good friends that I call Crip. Angie thinks i'm weird but it's all good. But they are fun little kids, they are very nice and fun! haha!

This week has been a week of emotional up and downs! Elder Vigo leaves exactly in one week!! I am super stoked for my new comp. My new Comp is Elder Lopez. I've gone out with him and a couple of Conferences and all and he is a fun kid. I believe that we will have great fun time together. He will be the answer to my prayers I hope. My other 2 comps have been very interesting and off. Elder Vigo only wants to visit his converts here, so we have been doing alot of splits. We have 10 with baptismal dates for April!! We are going to try to put 5 more!! So it should be a successful 6 weeks if we work, its been super rough being a missionary babysitter!! This week, the truth is that we did do a lot of little errands for Elder Vigo so we lost alot of time. Elder Lopez comes this Wednesday so we will be in a Trio for about 5 days! But I am stoked for the change!!

I am now District Leader!!! So I am excited to work in this new position! It will be fun to be in a leadership position. I don't like being the younger comp. This transfer will be interesting. Elder Lopez goes home soon. He's wrapping up his ministry in the mission, so I think I will be sending him home too, but i am going to make him work, and we will put some people in the water with a smile!!

This week, I went to Subway, Baskin Robbin, Dunkin Donuts and bought a box of Nerds!!!!!! Elder Vigo had to do some paper work in the offices this week so when I went I saw my good friend Elder Fuqua my comp from the MTC!! We were in the north mission this day and the north part has the money and they have real food, stuff beside rice beans and feet haha! So while our companions where in the offices we went on a Gringo adventure and bought everything from America and ate and feasted!! It was a happy day! haha!

I am learning a ton, doing a lot of searching and finding, searching for investigators and for myself. I try to find myself and lose myself at the same time - find what I am really made of and lose myself in the Work. It is a weird thing to do haha! But I am stoked for my new comp. Elder Lopez and I will have a great time together and we will put the people in the water for sure!!

This weeks letter is short and simple but we have to go now to the conference. Elder Scott was going to come but not anymore. Elder Gonzalez, hes a Seventy, is going to come. President said to write home before the Conference. We are going to have a huge Pday with the whole mission on Wednesday and tomorrow we have another Conference and we will be going to the temple!! YEAH!! I love the temple it is amazing!!

If you have any cool ideas for hands on lesson please send me them!!!
Love Elder Hammer

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