Monday, May 2, 2011

the big plan!

Ok, my good old comp is putting an end to his ministry here in Colombia in less than 28 days. He flies the 30th of this month and I believe he gets a week to travel Colombia with a member to say good bye to all of his converts and all, so even less time in the field working. We have been having some tremendous success here. We had 2 baptisms yesterday we have 2 more this week and 4 more in the week after that and 4 more the 28th of Mayo!! So we have some work moving along here. We had a lovely weekly planning session this week, talking about how Elder Vigo will close his time here in Colombia with as much success as possible, he said he only wanted to teach the people that have baptismal dates. I didn’t like that idea too much. We have alot of investigators that don’t have baptismal dates, so after a while of talking and seeing what to do, we came up the idea to invite the investigators that haven’t been progressing very fast but little by little if they are willing to be baptized and prepare to be baptized. So this week, this is what we did. This is why we have the 4 baptisms in the end of this month we will have another 4 in the beginning of June and we have another 6 investigators that are willing to be baptized but we just have to wait a bit longer for them to be fully prepared to make this sacred covenant with the Lord. So we have kept our investigators and we will be working with some more of them. This week we picked up 12 new investigators!!!! A huge Family of 12!!!!!! Here it’s not unusual to have the entire family living in one house. You got 2 or 3 or at time 4 generations living in one little shack. It’s kind of funny to see it all roll out. We will start the lesson and we ask for all that are in the home to join us in the message, then Mom yells her lungs out!! Mary, Paola, Juan, Gillermo..... and the family comes from every angle and all the places and soon you have 12 people in a room. At times I feel like a little school teacher teaching kindergarten. Most families don’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit. They let us sit in the chairs and the rest of the family sits one the floor. Here the floors are cement, pebbles or dirt. Anyhow, I sit in the chair and all the kids gather around. I love to start the 1st lessons with the kids, well children today we are going to share a story about Jesus and all the blessing he has for us, he wants to bless us but we have to do certain things to receive these blessings. I don’t know why I like this line, but I do. Haha

The kids here are my favorite!! They are the light and joy of the Mission. This weekend we put down in the water Sebastien Diez and Santiago Diez!! We are still working with their parents. We have a goal to get them wedded by July! These kids are splendid! The kids like that I am grande! They like it when I pick them up and they touch the tin roofs. They thinks its the best game in the world. So we always have fun making up games with the kids!!

This weekend we have a baptism for Yessith and Estrella Vegas!! These girls are awesome. We contacted them about 3 weeks ago and the 2nd lesson they had a baptismal date!! These girls are amazing. We are also working with her mom but she’s a but more stubborn but I believe she will go down soon to the water. So we are working it here. The Lord is using us and we are teaching and baptizing here.

We began teaching a family of 3 last week and they are professional recyclers. They have a huge grocery cart. It actually looks like a pioneer handcart that they tow around and look for bottle to recycle. We meet some very humble people here. The people here do what they have to survive!!

THE PACKAGE HAS ARRIVED POR FIN!!!!!! I got a call from the offices this Wednesday that I got a package waiting for me in the offices!!!! YES!!!! Elder Vigo and I are going to the offices 18 de Mayo so we can pick it up then!!! The thing is your gonna make me broke!!. It cost my 75000 Pesos!!! We receive 160000 pesos every 2 weeks here. Why did it cost me I dont know, its 35 buck to receive this bad boy, but I am super stoked!!!!!! It will be a wonderful belated mothers present for me here in Colombia haha!! But thank you very much, it is a package will needed!!

I am stoked to call home this week!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 WOWOWOWOWW I am stoked!!!!!!!!! It will be wonderfaul to talk to the Frankster the Tookies the POPS, The Sweet MOTHER that store me in her stomach for 9 months, The Ken, The Sister Jay, and Their love Spouses and I look forward to meeting the new addition to the Family Evy!! WOWOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make sure that we can do a three way calling tree through Skype. Please work on that before I call. I will be calling Sunday 12:00 my time. Mom says that’s 10:00 your time. If you cant do that then everyone must drive home for the weekend to call me and thats an order haha!! I feel bad I didnt really get to talk to the wedded family members the last time. But I look forward to talking and seeing you all this time!! Sunday we are going to a recent converts house. She’s got a laptop there. So for Mothers day we are doing an exchange. We are going to her Mothers Day lunch and we get to use her Laptop to Skype it up!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 So Hasta Vernos otra vez mi Famila!!! Les Amo todos. Y nos vemos el dia Domingo a las 1200 en la tarde, tiempo de Colombia!!
ELder Hammer

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