Friday, May 20, 2011

que bueno a verles!! 5/9/11 email

It was super good to see you all yesterday!! I love the Family!!!! It was a fun day yesterday!! Last night we were getting ready to go to bed at around 10 or so and as soon as we said Amen to our nightly prayers, the Meriachi started to play!!! What in the world!! Our nieghbors order the band to come play in the middle of the night!! AHH!! The beauty of Colombia! haha! SO we went to bed with the meriachi playing long into the night.
But it sure was good to see you all yesterday! I was thrilled. Sister Marleny really likes our family!! I brag alot about our family and how awesome you all are. Hermano MArleny told me that now she understands why i always brag about all of you! She says that she would like a family like ours, she understands a bit of english but she said that it was the talking that made her know how special our family is, but she could feel it n the way we talked! I told her that these are the blessings that we recieve through the gosple. We kept talking for a bit and then a bit later her son came in and talked to us for a bit and he is now interested in listening to the discussions. SO thank you family, we got another person to teach for the spirit you brought into the house and hopefully soon we will have a baptism out of this!!

But we had a baptism Saturday of Yiseth and Estrella Avila, i baptized Estrella and Vigo Yiseth. It was a wonderful day! These girls are so awesome!! We wil have another bpatism of 4 next saturday too!! We are working hard here!!
Richard G scott wil be coming 23 of this month!! I am stoked, WE basically get a 3 day rest proselyting to go to conferences and all that that week. 23 conference with Elder Scott, 24 Mission conference and 25 Super Pday. A big pday with all of the missionaries of the mission!! So it will be super!!

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