Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hurray!! I am super stoked to have this little speck of sunshine of EVY in my life!! Hurray! This week my whole ward was asking me if I was an uncle yet, and I had to tell them I don’t know I will find out on Wednesday!! Now I can tell them that I am an Uncle! Hurray for families!! I am super stoked!! This is awesome!! She sounds so cute, my gosh I want to hold her!! There’s like 5 babies in my ward that are 1 1/2 or 2 and every time I see them I almost cry. They’re walking and grumbling, they’re people, not babies!! Ahh, when I get home EVY will be a person, no more a baby. Please send some pictures of this beloved child please!! Frank sent me a pic of her, and I got one from dad but come, hook your brother up with a photo shoot! I want to see what Hen looked like, how Jerry looked, Of course Evy!! Come on!! But I do love the update! I am glad to hear that she is healthy and alive and doing well!! Hurray!! Sounds like she sleeps in the day and parties in the night. I believe that Heaven has a different time zone so she’s going to need some time to get used to the time change. But that’s all good. Here’s a fun thing I learned in the MTC from my Branch President President Watkins. We were talking about how we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. He said we are 100s of 1000s of generations away from Adam and Eve, who were sent directly from Heaven. We have characteristics of Adam and Eve in us, just like we have attributes of our parents and Grandparents, but our spirits are sent directly from Heaven to our bodies. Even though our bodies are 1000s of generations away from Heaven, our Spirits our directly from Heaven. That’s is such a great experience to see and new born baby, sent directly from Heaven!! I can’t wait to see her! You’re killing me family!!

Well this week we were working in!! This week we had 8 investigators at Church, which is still good, we set 3 baptismal dates and were are going to set 2 more tonight! So the goal of this month is 5 Baptisms! We are really in working it! We are having a Baptism 8 de Febrero for Katherine Farfan!! I am stoked, she is a nice lady. We are trying to baptize her mother also but she doesn’t want to get married to her spouse! We run into this problem a lot. I don’t get why people don’t want to get married. We are working with another couple right now also that we are trying to get married. The work has really changed since I got here. When I arrived we had 1 investigator, this week we taught 30 lessons total, 20 to investigators 6 to converts recent and 4 to members. So we are working hard. We had 151, set 3 baptismal dates, and going to set 2 more this week and we have 2 new investigators! So we definitely have been working!

This week we went to the office for our Interviews with the President. Preseidente Casablanca is so cool. He’s like a friend. He is a nice guy; our interview was really fun I like him a lot. The offices are more in the commercial side of town, and they have some legit American food, so afterwards for lunch we got to go to SUBWAY!!! Hurray! Oh my gosh my soul delighted for joy, something besides rice, beans and platanos!! But I still have my Colombian Juice, the juice here is the bomb! So that was a beautiful thing for me!

I am now a teacher! We are starting English classes now to try to get more investigators. It’s going to be great! We are teaching Gosple Principles at the Chapel now 1 night a week where we are bringing investigators to the class. Everyone here wants to learn English its ridiculous!!! So we are starting a class this week. Elder Valdivia is going to teach the class in Spanish and then I am going to translate it into English. I feel pretty comfortable speaking now in Spanish i'm definitely not fluent but I am having conversations and doing it all. Its just that I need to work on knowing objects better, I can talk and express myself but its had to make analogies and compare things because I don’t know what things are called, but I always carry a dictionary with me.

This week my health has been much better, I have been taking my medicine and all is well. I am enjoying myself a lot more. Its so much better when I can talk with people and not just be following my companion everywhere. He doesn’t let me do a lot of talking but that’s alright, before and after the lesson I talk to the people and we have a good ol time but I try to squeeze a couple of words in the lesson.

So this was my week! I am super stoked to have a niece oh my gosh this is great! please send more pics of her!! And I also need pics of the Family!! If someone could send me the family pic that we took in Sanger in July that would be fantastic!! Thank you very much family! Love and miss ya all.
Elder Hammer

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