Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Estamos invitando el todo Mundo a ser Bautizado! Es La Verdad!

We have 2 more commitments this week for baptism!!!!!! Hurray!! I am stoked! We should have 5 baptisms this month!! We have been working our tails off here!! Its great to see the work moving forward!! And this week we have a marriage date for a family! We have huge problems here with people not being married! Its ridiculous! It’s apparently really expensive to get married and nearly impossible for a divorce here, so we work a lot with these situations. They are going to be married in Abril 7! It takes forever to get all the paper work here! I wish that there was a Las Vegas near so we could marry them. Haha, Jk! There aren’t many wedding ceremonies here. Its usually the people go to a notaria, sign some papers, and boom, married. Most of the marriages are civil.

This week I was a trainer for a day!! We had missionaries from the MTC in Colombia come to our area. I had 2 Elders with me and Elder Valdivia had 2 others, so we had splits for a day and all. It was a blast!! Elder Valdivia at times is really protective of me and doesn’t let me fail or struggle. Since I was the trainer I had to have all the answers and do most of the talking! I loved it! I can speak pretty decent. Sure at times I’m like MAS despacio por favor! But for the most part I know what’s up. So with these new missionaries we had 5 lessons and 42 contacts in one day, which was very delightful! We had 1 baptismal intrevista too! It was splendid, so this week we will be welcoming Katherine Farfan into the waters of Baptism this Sunday!! She has a brother who is a member that lives in Florida that is flying down here to do the baptism. It will be a splendid day!

Oh my Gosh EVY is adorable!! Gosh I wish I could hold her for just a minute! She seems like an angel! I love the pic of her in the car seat haha! I love being an uncle even though i'm a continent away! You’re killing me over here!! When I return I expect another niece or nephew to be born, one more from Hen and another from Jay ok! Thank you very much for the pics! I needed some. I can put them on my camera and print them off, so thank you very much! I love the pics of the Fam and of Evelyn and total!

This week I received a call from the President, he is super awesome! We are like buds. I like President Casablanca and his wife, they are fun people. Anyways he speaks English and all. He’s from Florida. Anywho, he called me and was speaking English! I couldn’t speak worth beans. Its not that I cant speak English, its just that my mind is used to translating everything into Spanish and my mind was super confused. For the past 2 months I’ve been training my mind to speak in Spanish, I can write in English and think, but I don’t want to speak English, I’m used to Spanish. Clearly I don’t speak good Spanish, but I was super confused, so the President and I had a good laugh at the idiomas!

President Casablanca called me and told me that this Domingo I would be eating lunch with the Cano family!!! Yep, Dad knows them!!! They came to my ward yesterday, and afterwards I got to visit them in the apartment in Norte! It was a great privilege to meet them! It really is a blessing to see the frutos de la mision! I’m glad that I can see that the work that I am doing know, the people will remember me in 30 years! Dad really was a stellar missionary! Hermana Cano told me that Dad could sell the Gospel and a Mercedes Benz at the same time. He was just a really likeable friendly guy! I was like yep, that’s my Dad!! I was great to meet them and talk to them about my stellar father! El Es Cheverre!!

Life is good. I’m working hard, learning tons everyday! Everyday we do the same things, but everyday is different. There are no two people alike! Everyone is different! I love contacting, especially in the buses! Because the person ain't going nowhere and they’re gonna hear the message and we have a pleasant conversation. I try to make sure every time i'm in the bus taxi to contact them! I love it! All is well in Israel! Thanks for the pics!! Keep them coming!!

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