Monday, February 14, 2011

Este bautismo fue mas faci

Yesterday we welcomed Katherine Farfan into the waters of baptism! It was a wonderful ceremony and all went well. Her Brother from Florida came down to baptize her, and confirm. The Mission President also attended this Baptism yesterday. The President knows her brother from Florida. Apparently he was his bishop before the mission. So it was a treat to have the president at our baptism! Katherine gave a wonderful testimony about her conversion. She listened to the discussion 2 years ago and the missionaries baptized her brother only. About a month ago she had some pretty big things happen in her life and she realized the importance of gospel in her life, so her brother called the president, the president called us and we went teaching and then we went baptizing! She remembered everything from the lessons previously! She had a gospel principles book that she was studying and she really was prepared for us to teach her! She has a strong testimony of this gospel! It truly is a blessing to see my brothers and sisters here in Colombia progress! It is the joy of the Mission!

This week we set another baptismal date too! Paola Cortez has a baptismal date for 13 de Marzo! We have been working with her ever since I've been here. She is really interested but hears a lot of negative rumors and weird things about Mormons so she always has these weird questions and hasn’t been progressing very well. This week we were like, we are going to be direct with her and see were here testimony is and put a baptismal date for her. So we taught the lesson on the Atonement and the importance so baptism and ordinance and we have this wonderful gift from the Lord of all the things that are possible through the atonement and the importance of baptism! When we asked her the question to be baptized she was super excited! It was as if she new we were going to ask her, the hole lesson went smooth too! It was perfect! She accepted to prepare herself for this date! So as of now we have 3 more baptisms for this month and 2 scheduled for next month!! Hurray!!! We are really working here! But it is difficult to find new investigators! I’m in the city, its busy and chaotic and always moving, people are always busy, it’s like a L.A area but with Latinos, oh wait... That is L.A. haha!

At night here it is a bit chilly! So I went and bought some slippers here. Here you don’t but slippers that are premade you order them from a little shop and the custom make them. So I went to the store, and order some slippers that have the colors of the Colombian flag. I have huge feet for here. I’m a size 47 here! Haha. Anyways the lady didn’t tell me that she didn’t have pattern for my size of feet so she guessed what size I was. Haha. She made me like a size 80 or something! These bad boys are huge! I can put both me feet in one slipper!! I can put them on my head and wear my slippers as a hat! I can put Elder Valdivias slippers inside my slippers! These bad boys are huge! They are hilarious! So I have fun time with these bad boys! Haha! I’m loving it! Everything here is really chill, everything here the people kind of just wing it. I still don’t really understand the cultural. Who knows what’s going to happen everyday, haha! So enjoy the pics of the Slipper photo shoot and the baptism!

I must say that I am jealous that they family are getting together so much this month! I miss you all and pray for you all everyday! The polar Bear plunge seemed like fun and a wonderful valentines day also! I’m stoked to hear that Blake's going to Peru! Gosh, I've got friends in all parts of the world! This is awesome and a lot of them will be speaking Spanish also!! Hurray! We have Spanish club after the missions! Send some more pics of baby Evy and the family! I love seeing what’s going on and all! Baby Evy is a big hit here! I show everyone here picture of her, the family, and mace in Powder Puff! Mace is really famous here! Haha!!
All is well in Villa Sonia!!

Love Elder Hammer

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