Monday, June 18, 2012

we baptized her! 6/4/2012

So yesterday we had the best thing ever!! I feel so good to have been able to have baptized Janet Gonzalez! She is probably the strongest convert that I have had in the mission yet!! Holy shnicks! It was definitely the most powerful baptism that I have been to. Janet was super prepared for her baptism! Probably over prepared!! She was a Jehovahs witness gone mormon yea!! It was crazy!! I wanted to have a JW as a convert but she was so prepared! The first time she went to church she presented herself to everyone in the ward everyone knew her so fast!! For her baptism all of the organizations got her a little gift, like hymn book or church magazines and all! IT was great!! Janet brought some of her JW friends to her baptism too! Her family she was great!! The heater in the baptismal font doesnt work, so the water was ice cold oh my gosh it was the coldest water but it didnt matter to us!! Janeth was just so happy! She had the biggest smile on her face!! She was seriously jumping for joy literally haha!! She told me because she cant hold missionaries she just jumps while she shakes our hands haha! She is great! She enrolled herself in mission prep. haha! she is stoked she wants to be a missionary! After her baptism she gave her testimony of coming into the truth and how great it is to hear a converts testimony. so pure and sincere. They dont have a patterenized testimony, one really felt from the heart! IT was so cool!! She's a 21 year old lady from Santa Marta. She's into fashion and all, shes done some modeling, but she is like a little girl, still she is great!! What a great convert she will be!! She is really set in a firm foundation!!

We had a good stressful week this week! I am gonna be in Bogota til the 15th I believe and then i am going to Ibague tod ie haha!! I will be home 4 months from tommorrow! WOOW!! I got 4 months to work my booty off!! I am excited to go to ibague. My comp is great, Elder Pesado, i am stoke! Elder Acuna is cool and all but stress me out alot!! But all is well! He's a great friend but stress me out when it comes to gettin to work! But i love him!! Right now we are doing some hardcore work with the mission! Alot of changes tryin to prep for the new mission president! But all is well! I am happy being busy and workin hard! I love P'days! They are the best. I wake up do my normal routine and then by 930 I take a good huge nap! I love nappin! I dont sleep in the week but pdays i love to just sleep! Today we went to monserrate the catholic church on the hill again! It was fun! We took some cool model pics and all! IT wa a beatiful day in bogota today! I love the way that the church is moving forward!! IT is amazing!! I love the church website, the new message and videos about the savior! It is great!! I am loving the mormon messages! We teach alot using the mormon mesages they are so great! I love them, They are such great boosters. How great it is to have this technology! I love ya all a ton! I am loving serving the Lord!! I am learning so many things that i couldnt learn in anyother place, or any othe time!! Love Elder Hammer

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