Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He went down smoothly

This week we welcomed Duvan Felip Ospina Ortiz into the waters of baptism and what a joyful sight it was. Duvan is one of my favorite investigators! He’s 15. He reminds me a lot of Frank, its like a bitter sweet feeling when we teach him because I’m excited to see this kid and talk to him and all cuz hes like a Colombian Mace. He’s tall, skinny, likes the beany look and all. He’s the only funny kid here haha! So I enjoy teaching him but then I’m like, but this isn’t my brother. Franky is white, speaks English and we listen to music, take pics and tell the best jokes in the world! But I do enjoy the Lords investigators just the same!

This week was full of wonderful growing experiences here in Villa Sonia. Duvan was confirmed a member of the church yesterday and received the Holy Ghost. Also he was set apart as a Teacher!! It was the most touching thing ever to see a young man that was baptized Saturday and is passing the Sacrament on Sunday and to see him fulfilling his priestly duties! Oh what joy it was to see him! He passed me the sacrament and he gave me the thumbs up and a little wink! I was like, oh what a swell Child of God! Friday night we went to Duvan’s house to make sure everything was all good for his baptism for Saturday. When we got there he was sick and had a bad flu and headache and all, so we gave him a blessing. After the blessing we were telling him about what a blessing is and the holy sacred power of the priesthood. In the middle of the lesson he looked a bit confused so asked him how he was feeling or do you have a question or something. He was like, you don’t need to explain anymore, I understand the power of the priesthood, I feel all better now, and he stood up and gave us a hug. WOW! What an experience that was, and a beautiful thing for Duvan to experience a day before his baptism. It really is true, that we have afflicciones in our live for us to witness the power of Gods hand.

Also this week we went to teach Claudia, one of our investigators that was in rehab for a little over a month, and she has been coming to church for the past 2 weeks. What a change we have seen in her! It is marvelous. Yesterday she came to church in a modest dress and blouse and all, everyone was stunned to see her, she has been completing her reading assignments and everything and is progressing like nothing else. Its a completely 180 turn around! What a blessing it is to see the gospel work in the lives of the people. So she now has a baptismal date for April!!! What a joy it will be to see her enter the waters of baptism!! I’m stoked to see her be baptized!!

Right now we are waiting to be advised about the transfers for this week. Transfers are Wednesday. We were supposed to get them last night, but we didn’t get them, so we should get them today. We believe that I will be staying here and Elder Valdivia leaves but we will see. He’s been here for 6 months and he’s ready to get out of here. This area is very good for missionary work, but its very peaceful and calm here, not much action or anything happening in this part of the area. But I like it, it has a nice view of the mountains and I wish that iIcould go climb them, but we will have to wait until we have pday!

This week we have exchanges and I went to Cuidad Jardin for a day. I love exchanges! I get to learn from other missionaries and see how they work and their style and I can adapt it into my way of teaching and contacting! I was with Elder Ramirez! He’s the Zone leader and he’s a fun kid. We had a good time working together. He has 6 weeks left in the mission! What a weird feeling that must be. I feel a lot more comfortable in the work, in the language and with the people. I’m enjoy the work here! We have a goal for 5 baptisms in the Month of March here so I’m stoked!!

So all is going well here in the field! Working hard, learning a ton, and preaching the Word to my family here in Villa Sonia!! The Church is true and the work goes forward! Love ya and miss ya all! Enjoy the life you live, especially the showers you take everyday! I wish I had a shower with some water pressure!!

Love elder Hammer

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