Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Freakin Frijoles!!!!!!

K at first I liked the frijoles here, they’re nice and big and very flavorful, but your stomach can only hold so much until things start reacting! We went to lunch on Friday and we had a lovely Frijole soup thing, the sister asked me if I would like some more. In reality I was stuffed and did not want any more, but it is impolite to reject 2nds here and rude to accept 3rd, so since it was the 2nd I said well thank you very much sister I would love a little more, but not too much. She said, oh of course, the just a little. When she returned it wasn’t a little she came back with a vat of Frijoles!!!! After abut another 25 min of eating por fin I finished this beautiful serving of these FREAKIN FRIJOLES!! It’s not that they were bad, just an extremendous amount!!! Elder Vigo had the same. Let’s just say our bodies were singing like a choir for the next 3 days!!! Whoo! We still feel the affects of this magnificent trip haha!! So I taught my comp to say after every moment to say FREAKIN FRIJOLES!!! haha!

Here alot of people ask me to help them to learn English. Usually I don’t like it because the people just want to use me for my gringoness and not my spiritualness. But the other day these teens came up to me and asked if I spoke English I was like of course. I helped them with a few words, and then I taught them some religious terms. This joven had a lot of questions about religion so it turned into a lesson and now we picked up 3 more investigators and tomorrow we’re going to me his family of 4 more and he is going to bring some friends from his class to listen to our lesson!!! WHOOO!!

At times I like to teach the people some of my English. English with the Emerson Twist, like tookies, rumplesticksen and words that I like to say. I taught one kid to say DO it for the Children haha! So when ever he has a cup we do a toast and say FOR THE CHILDREN haha! I love these people. I’m having a great time!!

Today was superb!!! We had an awesome time for Pday!! The Zone went to a place called Monserati!! Its an old Catholic Church that is on top of the highest mountain in Bogota!! It was freakin sweet. There’s a church and a small pueblo on top of the mountain with small shops! It was delightful to get some fresh air out of the city! I took a plethora of photos to send to yall!!

I am excited for this week!! I get to go back to Villa Sonia to see 3 of my friends be baptized and we will be having one here in Patio Bonito also!!! Hurray!!! I m stoked!!!!

This week was a working week for sure!! Our investigator list has been growing tremendously!! Holy Shnickies!!! We have planned for this week 30 lessons planned for investigators and 4 with recent converts!!!! Woo, this is what I like!!! In the past week we have picked up 18 new investigators since I’ve been here!! We have put 4 baptismal dates too!! So we are working!!! I’m super stoked for these baptisms. These kids are great! All of these investigators are jovenes!! They are rock solid!! There’s this one guy that we went to the 1 lesson to this week on Wednesday. When we got there, before we even started he asked us how he could be likes us. I was like what do you mean. He said that he wanted to be a missionary!!! So we talked to him about what we do and now he has a baptismal date and is attending the missionary prep class and everything, he will be baptized 2 Abril!! So after the conference session he will be baptized along with 2 other teens!! His name is Diego Apunte and he is 24 almost 25! The rules to serve a mission is that you have to have a year in the church and 26 or younger, so that’s why he is preparing now in mission prep to be ready to go in a year!! He also goes with us to appointments. We don’t do divisions with him but he comes along and everything. He came with us 2 times this week!! What a stud!!

There’s this other girl that lives in Tintal. This is the branch that I’m in too. She lives far away and she has been coming to the branch for almost 6 months now. She has one of the most strongest testimonies I have ever seen!! She has been coming to church this whole time and the missionaries never visited her because she can only meet on Saturdays and Sundays. Well I told Elder Vigo we are going to Tintal to visit her, and there’s another girl that’s been attending church for about 4 months and the same scenario is with her so we went to visit both of these girls this week and they both accepted to be baptized 2 Abril also!! Woo!! What a great week it was and we are going to put atleast 2 more baptismal dates with people this week for 9 of Abril!! So we are definitely working here! Elder Vigo had the goal of 40 baptisms in his mission. When we put the baptismal date with one of them he was like good, I’ve made my goal, now I can rest. I was like no Elder, your goal just got bigger, your new goal is 50 in the mission. We analyzed our investigators and he agreed that it would be possible if we worked our tails off for him to baptize another 10 people so with in the next 2 months we are planning to drop atleast another 10-15 people in the water. We had a crazy good weekly planning session this week. We could plan to meet this goal! I’m stoked!!!!

So that was this week working hard and loving it!! Elder Vigo and I say that we are in a trio!! We got each other and the spirit, its crazy what the lord does here!! We are simply the instruments of his plan. The spirit is different in the mission then I thought it would be! I was thinking that I would be having the tingles the whole time, feeling like Tinker bell or something. But this isn’t so. It’s a lot of impressions and thoughts, and alot of just doing! Alot of obeying, when we obey the rules of the mission and meet the goals of the mission, we receive the rewards of the mission which is more work, kind of a weird blessing huh. We ask the lord to bless us with more things to do haha! But it’s a joyous work indeed!

We get the rain here everyday!! Im surprised I havent drowned in the rain!!! But all is well here I am safe. So heres some pics of me and my zone from today. We have Elders Hernandez, Micanquer, Mcdermont, Campos, and Elder Vigo, Hermanas Jara y pareda too!! and 2 hermanas that didnt come today with us but all was well!! My fav pic is me preaching to all of Bogota of the restoration!! haha. There's these guys in the street that bring llamas with them and you can take a picture with this llamas for like 50 cents. So of course it was a no brainer. So I mounted that sucker haha!! Priceless!! This is what people do for a living here haha!! Well I dont have time to send all of the pics from this week but i will send some more next week of this lovely adventure it was freaking sweet!! In this Zone Elder Micanquer is my homie here! Hes from Colombia and we have alot of same interests and all so we get along good. He has this girly umbrella that a member gave him and he refuses to buy another i dont know why, so i makefun of hime for it and we had a photo shoot of him and his girly umbrella haha!

Love ya all and miss ya all also, but have no fear im doing all right here spreading the good TRUE word of the Restored gosple!! A little thing i learned this week before go.As it says in PMG. The message the missionaries bring is not a message of happiness and joy or of a better quality of life. Yes these are the blessings of the Gospel. But the message the missionaries bring is a message the there is a living prophet on the Earth, 12 apostles that have the same purpose as in times of old and that The Church of Christ has been restored to the Earth. THis is the message we share, that through Christ we are saved, and we have the pillars of his church on the Earth Today!! Well this is a little thing i was studying this week and brought alot of joy to my soul and thought id pass it on to ya'll.

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