Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Learning Continues in week 3

Ok, missions are definitely super HARD! This has been an amazing week of WORK!! I am consistently working, always tired, keep on moving!! I love it! The work presses forward no matter what state you are in! My companion and I are getting along amazingly! He makes up country songs and we sing them as we walk around or get ready for bed! We have a nightly routine of how we say goodnight to our roommates! It’s a blast! We play hard because we work really HARD!! Spanish is a very difficult language! Elder Fuqua calls it YODA talking since it seems like we talk backwards with all of the rules about verb and adjective placement in the sentence structure! I have new goals for my self! I read 5 chapters in El Libro De Mormon everyday in Espanol! And I read 1 chapter In Predicad EL Evangelio every week! I memorize 1 ordinance saying a week, like the sacrament prayer or baptismal prayer, and I try to memorize 30 new vocab words a day!! It is the most ridiculous thing ever! It’s not a physical exertion but it is at the same time! I am always worn out at the end of the day! And our class is on the 5th floor! So we get 10 flights of stairs every time we go to class! We go up the stairs atleast 4 times a day! We feel the burn!

Yesterday Elder Richard G Scott came for devotional! It was insane! He used his office of being an apostle and "Invoked the Gift of Tongues upon all those that are leaning a new language!" As soon as he said that the room was all like wow!! That was amazing! Right now I am really focusing on my Spanish, I have good days and bad days when it just clicks or I forget everything! I am really working on it! It is so difficult trying to preach the Gospel in a different language and explain words in Spanish that I don't even know what they mean in English!! It truly is a difficult work but I am loving IT!! Our napkin Poetry is doing AMAZING!! We have 4 new members in our club as of last night!! Elders from other District somehow heard about it and are join in! It’s so much fun!! All of us Elders get along amazingly!! It’s a great time! We all are really pushing each other to really work! We work hard and then we play hard! Everything here is in its intensity!

Last night it SNOWED!! We will be having a white Halloween! We are getting prepared for trick or Treating! Elder Smiths parents sent him a box of candy so we can have Halloween party! Thank you for the cupcakes by the WAY!! We eat well here; everything is a well balanced diet! I love it! I am having a blast and learning and growing all at the same time! I am working on my patience. We have group lessons that we give, so it 10 Elders that go practice on an investigator. When we go in I want to talk and get involved with the investigator but I also have to be aware of the other Elders that are in the discussion too, so I have to balance my talking, with trying to keep the conversation on track with our limited vocab that we have. Because we know very little vocab, we just say what we know sometimes, I feel that my vocab is doing well in Scriptural things because I am really studying hard out of Predicad El Evangelio and EL Libro De Mormon so I can discuss Gospel things decently but the others are better at conversational talking than I am! So it’s difficult trying to be aware of the other Elders but then again I’m like "This persons salvation is at stake, we must strengthen here relationship with GOD even if we don't know how to say that!" So I am working on balancing it all out! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be serving my Lord and Savior! He truly does have masterful and wonderful Work!

We watch films after Sunday Devotionals! We watched the Joseph Smith Restoration video! It is so good! The quote after the movie was "Why would we not go on in such a marvelous work!" That is exactly how I feel! I am diving right into! All of the Elders after the movie were so pumped up to do missionary Work! We did all of these cheers and stuff like “Hurrah for Israel, and Joseph Smith will not die in vain!” Just fun chants that got us pumped up to be better! I loved it! All is well and grand! I love the gospel and everyday I grow closer to my Savior Jesus Christ! As I study more of him and about him I understand the divinity of His restored Gospel! I miss you all but I love being in the Service of my God!

--LOVE Elder Hammer

Thank you for all of the DEARELDER letters and keep updating me with those, those are my favorite ways of receiving letters from ya'll. I don't have much time to read on email but I can read DEARELDERS easier! Love YA!!

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